Covid-19 Safe Check-in information

As part of the “Covid Safe Checklist for dining in” issued by Queensland Government, we are required to collect the contact details of every person that sits down at our cafes. We use Kounta’s (our Point of Sale provider) Safe Check-in feature. This is how your information is stored and used. ______________________________________________________________________________ ***Extracted from Kounta’s […]

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Worldโ€™s Greatest Shave – Friday 15th March from 5.30pm

Sipping Duck will be one of the sponsors for The Worldโ€™s Greatest Shave Public Event at Palm Cove Surf Club on Friday 15th March from 5.30pm โ€“ 7.30pm. Raelene, the Community Supporters Coordinator for the Leukaemia Foundation, based here in Cairns, is organising the event and they have a number of locals that are participating […]

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Arabica beans. What does it mean?

Arabica or Robusta Coffee Beans

We always see phrases such as “100% Arabica” or “made from the finest Arabica” on ads and posters, but most people, if asked, wouldn’t know what that means. In simple terms, Arabica and Robusta are just two of the 120+ different species of Coffee – Coffea genus – and they account for 98% of the […]

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