Welcome to our Barista School, we have a course that will match your needs.

Home Barista Course

Bring your own machine and learn the basics to become your favourite barista. Ideal for owners of home espresso machines.

Latte Art Intensive

Learn the skills needed to pour latte art and spend 2.5 hours hands on, practicing basic, moderate and advanced pours. Perfect as a follow up to the home barista course or for people looking to re enter the industry.

Barista Basics for the Industry

Refresh your skills in a relaxed environment or learn what is required to be a barista in today’s industry. Great as a refresher on a commercial espresso machine and to learn workflow tips and tricks.

 All courses are 2.5 hours long and run 1-1 with the best chance at hands on learning.

stop drinking bad coffee at home

Do you own a coffee machine?

Are you frustrated with your results after years of making coffee or don’t know where to begin?

With our Home Barista Course you can learn how to steam silky smooth milk and grind your beans to perfection to make a coffee that you are proud of. 

Bring your machine and become your favourite barista today.


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Ready to start your journey to make great coffee?

We look forward to teaching you!

$210 – $330

2 reviews for Barista Course

  1. Rob (verified owner)

    I have had my machine for 10 years and believed I was able to make a good coffee but this course taught me so much more. I recommend it to anyone who has a machine at home, you’ll be amazed how much better your coffees will become. Thank you Rachel and Fi for your expert tuition, patience and good humour. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.

  2. Marnie (verified owner)

    I photo of my last latte would be the best feedback !
    Buying a coffee is something I just can’t do right now, mine are just so good after the 1-1 training I’ve had at sipping duck.

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Where / when?

All courses run after hours at one of our cafes.

If you come to Portsmith, we start at 2:15pm and if you come to Stratford, we start at 3:15pm.

How long do they go for?

2.5 hours!


$210 for one person to attend

$330 for two people to attend, with the one machine

What to bring to the Home Barista Course?

We will supply the coffee beans and milk and you will need to bring your equipment, including the handles, your milk jug, thermometer and any other equipment you use daily. If you forget something non vital, we can use what we have in store – eg, milk jugs.

Let us teach you the skills needed to discern if your coffee is pouring right, without confusing you. 









Frequently asked questions.


Can’t find an answer you need? Leave it in the enquire form above and we will get back to you.

The day/ times available dont suit me. Can we train on an evening or on the weekend?

We can definitely find a time to suit you. We want this course to be available to everyone! Email us or fill in the form at the top of the page and please include what days and times suit you best.

My machine is plumbed in at home and I cant bring it in

We can still run the course. Let us book you in at the Portsmith location and we can discuss how to apply the skills you learn to your machine at home.

What if i dont drink milk?

This course is appropriate for any types of espresso coffee drinkers – long blacks or flat whites. Even if you drink exclusively black coffees, it is useful to know how to steam perfect milk for when you make a coffee for a visitor. In saying that, the 2.5 hours is yours and if you want to focus on just espresso then that is what we will do.

Is this a group course?

The course is generally one on one as we want to give you as much attention as you need to gain a full understanding. If there are two of you in the household that use the same machine, we can run it with the both of you.

We run it one on one as majority of the time you will be practicing shots and milk and we will be coaching you along the way and if we ran it in a group, you wouldn’t get the practice time you need to take your skills home and achieve consistency.

What if i want to learn how to make coffee, but i dont drink coffee?

We find tasting the coffee through the course to be highly beneficial and we supply spittoons (special spit buckets) if you want to taste the coffee but not consume it. We can teach you to read all the visual cues when making coffee and how to associate them with flavour.

If you do not want to taste the coffee at all, we can still train you but you will miss out on the learning opportunity that really cements the practical skills you are learning.

What if i drink plant based milk?

We run the Home Barista Course using whichever blend of beans you prefer and whichever type of milk you use most often. If you use several types of milk at home, we train with the milk you use most often and leave some time to cover the second type of milk. We have available Soy, Almond and Oat and we can train with any of these.

When doing the Latte Art Intensive we will train mostly with full cream milk. Please let us know if you would like some time to practice with an Alternative Milk

What is the cost of the course?

The cost for one person to attend any of the courses is $210

If you chose to do the course with a friend or partner the total cost is $330

I am purchasing the course as a gift

You can purchase the course and leave a note in the “order comments” that it is a gift and leave the contact details of the recipient. If this doesn’t suit you, please fill in your details in the form at the top of the page.


How do I book the course?

Scroll up to our online booking system, pick the date, the course and number of people and add it to your cart.

Does it matter what machine and grinder i have?

The course is about you getting the most potential out of your equipment so we can train on whatever you have. 

I don't currently own a machine but I want to do the course

When doing this course, it is HIGHLY beneficial to have your own equipment to learn on. We would love to help you find a machine to purchase and then run the course once it arrives. If you are new to coffee, this is a great way to do it as we can help you dial in your grinder without wasting $$$ on coffee beans and teach you the correct way before you create bad habits.

If you want to learn first and then find a machine, we will run the course at the Portsmith location and can assist you in finding a machine after.

I want to buy an espresso machine and grinder. what do you recommend?

There are so many brands, styles and price points that we cannot recommend just one.

We suggest reading our blog post on choosing a home espresso machine and if you have any questions after that, email us at learn@sippingduck.com.au



I am looking to complete a course to enter the industry; can I do the Home Barista Course?

We cannot cover everything you need to learn in 2.5 hours. When working in a café there are many more things you need to know like how to have a productive work flow, food safety, and how to work on a commercial machine.

In saying that, we can cover the basics and give you some basic skills that will help you gain employment in a cafe setting.

When you book please select “Barista Basics for the Industry”

I would like some tips on making coffee but I don’t want to do the course.

Coffee is very individual, and not something you can perfect from reading about. Due to the number of variables involved in making coffee, we cannot give you tips to improve, as we don’t know what you are doing. If you have a specific question, you can ask the barista next time you come in for coffee though and they may be able to answer it for you, keeping in mind that it may not solve your issue.

If you are struggling to make great coffee, the Home Barista Course was designed for YOU! Why keep drinking bad coffee?

Do you have pricing to teach a group?

We don’t have pricing at this time but this is something we would love to help you with! You can email us at learn@sippingduck.com.au and we can have a chat about how many people you would want trained on the machine.