Cafes, restaurants, mobile coffee vendors, hotels and b&b… what coffee do you use?
It doesn’t really matter if you are a boutique type of business or if your customers think that coffee is just coffee; everyone, from any continent in the world will appreciate a well extracted coffee that tastes sensasional and they will spread the word.
Why specialty and boutique coffee? We use a small batch roaster manually operated in order to look after the whole process and create a blend that resembles a caleidoscope of excellent quality beans and appeals to all the senses. This is what makes us different from other coffee suppliers. Every roast we do is seen as a key component in our final batch.
Why locally roasted? We are here, the beans won’t have to travel long distances and you’ll be dealing directly with the owners of the business. Sourcing local means flexibility, quick response on emergencies and makes our beautiful tropical community grow in the right direction.
Why Us? Because we are passionate about it, we want to see Cairns having a great coffee reputation, we want to see you and ourselves grow.
So… how can we help you deliver the best coffee every time you serve your valued customers?
Here’s our answer:

  • Offer Sipping Duck Blend, which will always be extremely fresh, balanced, fully flavoured and specially roasted using some of the best beans from all over the world and australia;
  • Get your staff trained by the roasters. We can show the tricks and basics to get the right extraction and milk texture that will optimize the potential in our beans and roast*;
  • Have your business advertised in our web, facebook, instagram, twitter and in our shops;
  • Retail in small bags (please see retail tab)
  • Take pride in offering a very unique small batch and locally roasted coffee that will always taste sensational and trigger a taste bud party!

You might be contracted to a big company, or not, hooked with the same roaster for years, afraid of changing those beans that you sourced for a long time. You can always test it, visit us, see how we do it all, sit down with us and sample our blends or single origins. If you choose to switch, we are sure it won’t fail.
Please contact us to find out more about our terms and conditions of trade.
If you think there’s anything else we could do, please don’t hesitate to contact us: wholesale@sippingduck.com.au
*conditions apply.

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