This brewing method is very popular due to its simplicity and convenience. First of all you need to understand that every brewing method has different outcomes and they vary drastically from one to another. Plunger coffee is water based, so it will taste similar to a long black, but it will reveal delicate characteristics from the origins and it can still make a rich cup of coffee.

Although there are many ways to make a plunger coffee, this is the one we find most effective and successful. Please note that the amount of coffee and water will vary according to personal preferences.

Two key factors:

  • Water. Boil water and let it sit for a minute before pouring over the coffee grinds or stop it just before it reaches the boiling point to avoid burning the coffee. If you like to drink it very hot, preheat the plunger and cup with boiling water and empty it before making your coffee.
  • Grind. Plunger coffee requires a coarse or medium coarse grind. If it’s too fine the grinds will go through the filter. If you can’t press down with two fingers and the plunger is offering resistance please stop and discard (the plunger could break and the hot water can burn the skin).


  1. Put a heaped table spoon of coarsely ground coffee in the plunger and small amount of hot water. Swirl or gently stir with a spoon making sure the glass doesn’t get chipped or damaged. Add the rest of the water, put the lid on and let the coffee steep between 2 and 4 minutes.
  2. Slowly plunge the coffee applying consistent pressure. Watch it as you plunge and make sure the grinds don’t go through the sides of the filter. If this happens you’re plunging too fast.
  3. Serve straight away and enjoy.


We suggest you experiment by adjusting the following variables until you find the perfect ratio that suits your taste buds. The best way to do it is by altering one by one.

  • Try coarse or medium ground coffee
  • Amount of coffee. Start with one heaped tablespoon per cup (not mug).
  • Amount of water
  • Steeping time


Two other uses for plungers:

  • Extracting loose leaf tea
  • Frothing milk. Warm up milk on the stove or in the microwave to about 70 degrees, put it in the plunger and plunge up and down vigorously, the milk should froth and triple in size.