Instant Coffee “Bludger’s Edition”


Colombian Fair Trade

Colombian Fairtrade. Made from Arabica beans.

2 reviews for Instant Coffee "Bludger's Edition"

  1. Paudis

    Obviously you cannot compare instant coffee to any well-brewed coffee, that is like comparing an essay written by a child and an academic.

    In all my 23 years of consuming coffee (both instant and brewed) Sipping Duck instant coffee is hands down 110% the best I have tried. Arguably better what has been served to me in some cafes too, mind you the standard is severely lacking where I am, it still holds up well against some barista made coffee.

    • The Sipperista

      Thanks for the comment Paudis. I love your comparisons; well said! Clap clap

  2. La-Donna

    The instant will suffice if you’re in a rush but I don’t think has the beautiful full flavour of a properly brewed cup hence my rating. Don’t get me wrong, I love sipping duck, going to give Frank’s blend a go now.

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