Our People

Actually, you are our people. Without you we wouldn’t have a business. But since we do, these are the people you will most likely meet at Sipping Duck:

Erik & FiorellaThe Barista – Erik Ruelin

What is a coffee company without a champion Barista?! Erik is renowned both locally and overseas for his fine palate, consistently outstanding roasting and coffee making skills and for his rare artistic genius. Come and try one of Erik’s creations and you will see, then taste what all the fuss is about.

The Immovable Force – Fiorella Denari

Along with a champion barista you need an extra dose of passion and drive to take great coffee to the people. Fiorella (Fi) compliments her passion for coffee with a business background that ensures everything runs smoothly for all of Sipping Duck’s customers and suppliers.

The CEO and Muscle – Lance Robinson

The one that keeps it all together and always makes sure nothing is missing. Sipping Duck’s biggest active supporter, down to earth, realistic, our handy man, driver, advisor and lets not forget that every Saturday after work he cooks the best fire-barbeque for all our friends and family.


The O’Sughrue family and Cairns Car Audio

This beautiful family always provided Sipping Duck with the premises for our roasting and helped us in every way they could. Thank you guys!

Sarah Smith

This lovely person named our business one humid tropical afternoon while we were sitting around the pool. What a name you came up with!

Alex Godineau and Amanda Narbrough

Our logo designers and IT experts. Big supporters from the very beginning when Sipping Duck was just a vague idea and a big dream.

Ashley Webb

Thank you Ashley for coming along one afternoon and helping me setup this webpage and surprise Erik with a very professional virtual space for our business.