Kenya AA Regional Selection

Region: Central Province Altitude: 1500 – 2000 metres above sea level Soils: Rich Volcanic Grade: AA Process: Washed Varietal: SL28 and SL34 Profile: Notes of toasty cocoa, blueberries and spice. Nippy grapefruit and lime acid. Almond praline to finish. Kenyan coffee is well known for it’s complex berry and fruity notes and intense acidity. Arabica […]

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PNG Keromine AX – Organic

Region: Chimbu Province Altitude: 1500 – 2000 metres above sea level Grade: PSC AX Process Method: Fully Washed Varietal: Aruca, Blue Mountain, Typica & Bourbon Tasting Notes: juicy cup with orange acidity, sugar cane, buscuit, toffee and chocolate notes. Sweet, smooth and clean . Medium body.   PNG Coffee Cup (previously named Tribal Aromas) is […]

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Arabica beans. What does it mean?

Arabica or Robusta Coffee Beans

We always see phrases such as “100% Arabica” or “made from the finest Arabica” on ads and posters, but most people, if asked, wouldn’t know what that means. In simple terms, Arabica and Robusta are just two of the 120+ different species of Coffee – Coffea genus – and they account for 98% of the […]

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