We have been carbonating cold brew coffee for several years now, providing our customers with an alternative to the more traditional hot extraction brewing techniques we discuss elsewhere in our blog. In this post we explain what cold brewed coffee is and what it means to us.

What is ‘cold brew’ coffee? A brewing method that takes place at room temperature (or colder) using lightly roasted coffee.

How does it work? Ground coffee is steeped in cold or room temperature water for at least 12 hours (we brew it in the fridge), then filtered it into a keg and gassed. (Cold brew coffee is delicious without the carbonation as well).

Roast: light

Grind: coarse

Ideal Beans to use: single origins with particular characteristics such as strong fruit, floral and citrus notes.

Water – coffee ratio: 220ml – 22gms

Brewing time: over 12 hours (24 hours is not unusual for cold brew coffee)

Result: a smooth, sweet, bright and delicate coffee that is low in acidity and bitterness and intense in flavour.

Why does it taste so good? Because the coffee grinds are not exposed to high temperatures that extract bitter and acidic compounds. Only certain desirable fatty acids and oils are extracted (the ones that taste really good).

Why carbonated? CO2 opens up the flavours even more as the bubbles pop in your mouth. The initial taste is grassy, lemony and very bright. As the pallet starts accepting the flavour compounds, juicy sweet dates, raisins and nuttiness comes to the forefront leaving a full body and long lasting finish.

Who else is doing it? That we know of, one place in Melbourne, so surely not many in the country.

Future: We predict it will become increasingly popular purely because of the unique flavours, caffeine fix and because it’s a light, refreshing drink, free of sugar, dairy and preservatives.

Unfortunately we don’t sell our sparkling cold brew online because it can’t stay out of the fridge for long periods – if it’s being posted somewhere for example. But if you’re passing one of our cafes (Stratford and Portsmith) pick up a six pack and take them home with you.