Keep Cups


“The best reusable is the one you use”. This is the cup that started the reuse revolution. Easy to clean, lightweight and it’s lovely to drink from lid off, or on. 

Cleaning & Care

- Microwavable with the lid off to 100°C / 212°F
- Designed to be taken apart for easy clean
- Dishwasher safe on the top rack. Place small components and silicone band in the cutlery tray or basket to avoid loss or damage
Reassemble lid after cleaning. Store with lid off.


MATERIALS - What is this cup made of?


Polypropylene plastic (PP) #5
Co-polyester plastic (Tritan) #7 - used in our Original Clear KeepCups


  • Plastic is lightweight and heat resistant, appropriate for quick service environments. 
  • The cups are stackable and unbreakable, easy to use and comfortable to carry.
  • Volumes replicate industry standard sizes for the correct coffee:milk ratio and speed of service. Internal fill lines ensure the correct pour with smaller sized coffees.
  • The cup lip is designed for pleasurable drinking without the lid.

Material information
Polypropylene is one of the most widely used plastics for reusable food safe containers. It’s a tough, rigid plastic with a high melt point, so it can be heated to very high temperatures -making it fit for long term reuse. The precision of injection molding and the low embodied energy during manufacture means it has low carbon emissions impact, the lowest breakeven with disposable cup use on our Life Cycle Assessment. Our Original Clear cup base is made from Tritan, which is a brand name for clear copolyester plastic – a durable, lightweight and unbreakable alternative to glass.


Silicone (synthetic elastomer) #7


  • Silicone provides thermal insulation to protect touch. It's flexible, durable and non-porous, making it highly resistant to degradation.
  • It also offers great non slip properties, so you can hold tight when drinking on the go.

Material information
Silicone is a synthetic elastomer (soft plastic) and is made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and silicon, which comes from silica and is derived from sand. The silicone process involves extracting silicon from silica, passing it through hydrocarbons (fossil fuels) then mixing with other chemicals to create silicone elastomer.

Press lid

Low-density polyethylene plastic (LDPE) #4 plastic


  • Our firm, easy to press on lid fits easily into a busy service environment, and ensures drinking pleasure on the go.
  • It's concave shaped to allow room for your nose when drinking, and has a mouthpiece sized for easy liquid flow.
  • The breather hole, which allows air to escape and enable liquid flow for drinking on the go, is covered and sealed when the plug is closed. Steam will escape with hot beverages that will turn into liquid on the lid.

Material information

Our lid was redesigned in 2017 to be a single material component to reduce impact, based on findings from our Lifecyle Analysis. The flexible material, made with precise engineering, removed the requirement of an inner seal, which increased the likelihood of recycling.


Low-density polyethylene plastic (LDPE) #4


  • Ease of rotation while drinking on the go.
  • Plug provides cover of mouthpiece when not in use, to prevents spills in transit. 

Material information
Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is one of the most widely used plastics for food and drink containers. This material is malleable and easy to injection mold, ensuring we achieve the right dimensional tolerances, and therefore better fit and part operation. This accuracy contributes to lowering the overall manufacture footprint of our products.


100% FSC certified board using soy-based inks. Our packaging tells the story of KeepCup's reuse revolution to inspire our customers to reduce and reuse.


  • In addition to telling the story of our products and their benefits, we design packaging that walks the line - avoiding breakage and protecting products in transit while minimising material to reduce waste.
  • Where appropriate, we work with customers to ship large orders bulk packed and semi assembled, without retail packaging, to reduce waste.

Carton packaging material
Our recycled cardboard cartons are designed to maximise the number of product configurations, and are made in Australia and the UK to service local markets. All packaging materials are reused within our supply chain and packing processes. The cartons themselves are used first to store and ship components to us from our manufacturers, and are then reused in our assembly locations to ship products to our customers.

Part manufacture
All parts are manufactured in Australia and the United Kingdom except the band, which is manufactured in China.

End of life
Replacement parts are available, so you can replace the part, not the product. 
Silicone requires a dedicated commercial recycling collection which is not offered by residential curbside collection. Discarded bands go to landfill. The rest of the cup can be recycled via most household waste service collections worldwide. Please place in your recycle bin for collection.


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