Region: Chimbu Province

Altitude: 1500 – 2000 metres above sea level

Grade: PSC AX

Process Method: Fully Washed

Varietal: Aruca, Blue Mountain, Typica & Bourbon

Tasting Notes: juicy cup with orange acidity, sugar cane, buscuit, toffee and chocolate notes. Sweet, smooth and clean . Medium body.


PNG Coffee Cup (previously named Tribal Aromas) is the trading name representing eight coffee growing cooperatives with an estimated 5,600 members that has a production capacity of 990,000 kilos of green bean. The smallholders that make up these cooperatives are located in most of the main Arabica growing areas of PNG, such as the Eastern Highlands, Western Highlands, Chimbu and Morobe provinces.

This particular lot is sourced from the Chimbu region – located between the Kubor range to the West and the Waghi River to the East, the representatives in the Chimbu province banded together and arranged for an organic auditor to certify their smallholder farms in 2003. This area is known as Kerowagi and Gumine Districts and the tribes that make up this particular cooperative are: Bari, Nauro, Enduka, Dom, Kumai, Dage, Gena and Waugla. Elevation is between 1500 to 2000 metres above sea level. Organic capacity of the group is around 340,000 kilos of green bean annually.

The coffee grown here is a blend of several varieties that include Aruca, Blue Mountain, Typica and Bourbon. The coffee cherries are hand pulped and washed in the pristine tributaries of the Waghi River before being dried and carried to the nearest road for transport to the dry processing factory in Goroka. Depending on the conditions of the dry weather roads, some of the more remote farmers have to carry the parchment for up to a day before reaching a passable road.


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