Coffee Growers: Pacamara, Guatemala

Coffee Varietals - Pacamara

Origin : Guatemala Farm: San Fernando Estate Varietal : Pacamara Growing Altitude  : 1,400-1,450 mtrs Process : Washed Roast: light Very fruity in aroma, with guava and apricot notes, natural sweetness, juicy full body, low-medium acidity and long clean finish. This beautiful washed Pacamara comes from La Democracia Micro-region of Huehuetenango. Generally coffee farms are […]

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Which Blend of Coffee is Right For You?

Image for Coffee Blend post

We try to keep it simple and delicious and although our House Blend appeals pretty much to everyone, we have different options to choose from for coffeeionardo’s to try. At the time of writing we have three regular blends available at all times – House Blend, Organic and Face Kicker – plus one seasonal blend […]

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Extraction Techniques 2. Plunger

Coffee Extraction Techniques

This brewing method is very popular due to its simplicity and convenience. First of all you need to understand that every brewing method has different outcomes and they vary drastically from one to another. Plunger coffee is water based, so it will taste similar to a long black, but it will reveal delicate characteristics from […]

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Sumatra Organic

Origin: Indonesia Region: Sumatra Altitude: 900-1200mtrs Varietal: S795 & Typica Cupping Score: 84/100 Profile: Earthy, grassy with nice aroma, almonds, hazelnut, chocolate, some nice herbs, dark plum, brown sugar sweetness, mild acidity and full creamy body.   Our supplier sources these coffees directly and exclusively with a group of about 360 farmers, working about 400 hectares […]

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Extraction Techniques 1: Percolator

Stove Top Coffee Percolator

Hi there folks, coffee addicts, snobs and home baristas, this is Erik from Sipping Duck coffee. Just thought I would give y’all a rundown on an extraction technique used with a stove top percolator. These little buggers can be very temperamental with extraction outcomes due to varying factors. These simple to follow steps should have […]

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